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24hr Emergency Repair

Complete Historic Restoration

Call us for more information.  We will be glad to meet with you and discuss your project.  We like challenges!

We are the original leading historic restoration in Indiana.  

Our speciality is historic restoration!

Through Wall Masonry Flashing

Properly installed through-wall flashing and weep tubes are crucial to long lasting restoration. Unfortunately many companies take short cuts resulting in high failure rates ultimately causing damage to the recently restored work.  

Pioneer Restoration takes the extra steps of removing 3 courses of brick or block after all work is completed.  We then clean out the excess mortar from the wall backside.  We install new flashing, weep tubes and then the bricks/blocks.  This ensures the flashing and weep tubes will operate for many years!

Poor flashing is common in today’s newer school buildings!

Weep tubes blocked with mortar keeping water from draining

Mortar behind bricks keeps water from draining though weep tubes

Through-wall flashing cut too short allowing water to go into cut area.

Properly installed through-wall flashing

Mortar removed from behind two bricks







Detergent Cleaning



24-Hour Emergency Repair

Special Coatings

Gold Leafing

Lightning Rod Installation

Structural Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Resort Restoration

Stained Glass Restoration

Wood Restoration

Underwater Structural Repair

Wall Murals


Dryvit Repair

Fire Damage & Restoration

Buying/Brokering: Stained Glass, Wood, Statures and Cemetery Urns

We Specialize in the Following

Steeple Work

Through Wall Masonry Flashing